Electronic Medical Record (EMR); physician charting SOAP-noteHelping Urgent Care Physicians Achieve Business Success

The Practice Velocity Institute is dedicated to helping urgent care centers and occupational medicine clinics maintain both compliance and profitability in these difficult times for American physicians.  Using teaching conferences, consultations, and practical charting systems, the Institute focuses on giving urgent care centers the much needed tools to code successfully.  The Institute focuses physician training on:

  • Accurate Urgent Care Coding (E&M, CPT & ICD-9)

Many urgent care centers actually lose thousands of dollars in revenue that they never bill out.  This can happen for many reasons including a lack of a clear understanding of the labyrinthine coding rules, a desire to reduce the cost of medical care, or a lack of efficient coding capture.  Do you know how and when you may add an E&M code to a procedure code?  Do you understand when you can code for supplies?  Our focus is in educating physicians so that they will know the whys, hows and whats of accurate medical coding.

  • Revenue Cycle Management

Do you understand, measure and constantly improve what happens in between sending out a bill and getting actual payment?  Do you know how many days of revenue are in your accounts receivable? Do you know what your net collection rate is at 3, 6, 12 months? Do you  know what percentage of your AR is aged over 120 days?  Do you know these numbers for each of your payors? Do you know where to find benchmarks for these "dashboard" gauges?  Tracking and improving these numbers is critical to your financial success.  We can help you use this process to improve your collection speed and percentage.

  • Practice Velocity Institute results:Electronic Medical Record (EMR); E&M medical coding

            • Understand the link between urgent care center coding and revenue.
            • Speed up urgent care charting
            • Improve chart documentation.
            • Reduce urgent care center overhead.
            • Improve urgent care coding compliance.
            • Increase urgent care center revenue.


April 5-8, 2006 — Attend the Urgent Care Association of America of Convention, the largest gathering of urgent care professionals in the USA.

February 26, 2006 (2PM) David Stern, MD, CPC of Practice Velocity Institute teleconfence on E/M coding.

January 16, 2006 (2PM) David Stern, MD, CPC of Practice Velocity Institute teleconfence on CPT Procedure Coding.

October, 2005David Stern, MD, CPC of Practice Velocity is named again to America's Top Doctors

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